10 Apr 2023

A Few Important Steps Of Women Empowerment At Workplace

A Few Important Steps Of Women Empowerment At Workplace

Women empowerment is the most crucial thing that one has to identify and give power to women as it is indeed needed to change the entire future of the nation. Without women's contribution, it is almost impossible to succeed in any country, and there is no exception to UAE; besides giving power to women and making sure that not to fall victim to any sexual assault or physical assault, and ensure that they are independent in society. 

Nevertheless, they have freedom in the UAE still a long way to go if we say women's empowerment is absolute. Regarding the workplace, women's empowerment still needs to include many things and be fulfilled. I want to mention a few essential aspects that should be offered to women to live and work. 

The sad part is that when women take the initiative and want to lead either at home or in organizations, it needs to be more digestible and acceptable for men. One should come out of it feeling uneasy as some women are skilled and capable of handling anything and clearing the issues to run the company smoothly by keeping aside all hurdles and stumbling blocks. This environment can increase the number of best jobs for women.

There are a few things to empower women at the workplace 

Support  women to take the lead: 

Encourage women to seek mentorship opportunities from other women with experience in leadership positions. Having a mentor can help women gain confidence and develop the skills necessary to become influential leaders. Highlight women who are currently in leadership roles and showcase their achievements. Celebrating their successes can inspire other women to aspire to similar positions.

Offer leadership training programs specifically for women, which can help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful leaders. Address gender biases in the workplace, and ensure women have equal access to leadership opportunities. Flexible work arrangements help women balance their personal and professional responsibilities and make it easier for them to take on leadership roles. It is one of the factors to encourage women empowerment in the workplace

Gender Equality: 

International Women's Day always comes up with outpouring statements to appreciate women, and it is the catalyst to have discussions about gender equality. Recently, we heard of a law proposed by the European Union that aims to look at gender pay gaps by requiring more transparency regarding compensation. 

Apart from Europe, other continents must consider reducing compensation equality for women and men rather than paying less to women in the workplace. Although women have opportunities, pay is not equal to men. This situation is being observed in all parts of the world today. It has been noticed and requested organizations recognize women's skills and avoid bias. Because of gender inequality, jobs for women are decreasing. 

Offer maternity leave:  

A fair maternity leave policy is essential for women's empowerment as it helps new mothers take the time they need to get back to normal childbirth positions and bond with their newborns. The benefits of such a policy extend beyond the individual mother to her family, community, and the economy. 

Maternity leave allows women to recover from the physical and emotional toll of giving birth. It also provides them the necessary time to bond with their newborn, breastfeed, and establish a routine with their family. A fair maternity leave policy reduces gender inequality in the workplace by allowing women to take time off without fear of losing their jobs or being penalized.

It also allows women to participate fully in the workforce and climb the career ladder. A fair maternity leave policy leads to a more productive and loyal workforce. Women who receive paid maternity leave are more likely to return to their jobs and stay with their employers long-term. It will help women empowerment at the workplace. 

Prevent sexual harassment at the workplace:  

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that can have devastating effects on victims. Here are some steps that can be taken to prevent sexual harassment at work. 

Ensure that a policy defines sexual harassment and outlines the consequences for engaging in such behaviour. This policy should be communicated clearly to all employees and strictly enforced.

Provide regular training for employees on what constitutes sexual harassment and how to report it. This can help create a culture of respect and ensure that everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities. Create a safe and supportive environment for employees to report incidents of sexual harassment. Ensure that employees feel comfortable reporting incidents without fear of retaliation and that their complaints will be taken seriously and handled promptly. 

Foster a culture of respect and encourage a culture of concern in the workplace, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. This can include regular communication about respect and diversity in the workplace.

Offer flexible working hours for women:

Improving work-life balance for women can positively impact their job satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being. Here are some suggestions for creating a better work-life balance for women. 

Offering flexible work hours can allow women to balance their work with other responsibilities, such as caring for children or elderly family members. Employers can offer options like flextime, compressed workweeks, job sharing, and telecommuting.

Employers should offer adequate maternity and paternity leave and options for caregivers to take time off for family emergencies or personal reasons. Providing access to affordable on-site childcare, flexible spending accounts for childcare expenses or subsidies for off-site childcare can make it easier for women to balance work and family responsibilities. It would be a significant step for women empowerment at the workplace. 

Encouraging employees to take vacations can reduce burnout and increase productivity. Companies can offer paid time off and sabbaticals or encourage employees to take advantage of holiday periods. Promoting health and wellness in the workplace can help reduce stress and increase overall well-being. 


These are the steps employers should take for women empowerment because we need to offer equal job opportunities for men and women in all sectors. Women can also deliver the best to reach all the lofty expectations that companies seek.